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Strategic communication

We help our customers develop campaign and media strategies and work with client business development and communications organizations to implement activities throughout campaigns

Public affairs

We help our customers navigate through stakeholder networks, including government, organizations and all political levels and helps clients establish and sustain relations through longer periods of time

Industry relations

We help our customers identify Industry Cooperation or commercial business opportunities, connect and forge partnerships with national industry whether it be in the defense, aerospace and and security industries or beyond

In-country support

We help our customers to be efficient on the ground in-country providing extensive support for executive visits, client teams, public and private events , announcements, conferences and other engagements with stakeholders

Market intelligence and information analysis

About us

Advisors to the global industry
  • Vespa Crabro is a Copenhagen-based consultancy focusing on advising a select number of companies in the global industry in the Danish and Nordic markets. We help our clients navigate through stakeholder networks, including media, government, organizations and political parties. Vespa Crabro help clients develop strategies and implement activities throughout campaigns and sustain relations through longer periods. Among other things we are engaged in all the main Danish defense procurements projects (>100EUR 100 mill.) on behalf of some of the global industry.

  • Vespa Crabro is the latin name for the European Hornet, the largest eusocial Wasp. The Super Hornet you might call it. It will sting in response to being stepped on or grabbed but generally avoid conflict. They are defensive of their hive and can be aggressive around areas of particular interest, like food sources. Care should be taken when encountered in these circumstances as they may sting without warning.



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Representation and reputation management

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